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...on that note.

I wonder if I down my whole bottle of 5-htp, if I'll fucking shit rainbows and ponies.

I know I hate the satan box... err... I mean... phone.

But now... really.... I don't mean to not answer it.
I don't get service in my room.
My phone just won't ring, even when it does have service sometimes.
If I Do Not Answer, Leave Me A Damn Message
... I will get it eventually when my phone decides to shoot itself up with heroin and get service for 5 minutes.



I've had a few people ask me what the LP vs SG thing is all about.
So I figured I'd avoid doing homework and make a little post about it.
If anyone disagrees with my info or has more to add - feel free to comment!

This is Philip Warner aka "Lithium Picnic"
He is an amazing photographer
He use to be a photographer for Suicide Girls, but is now being sued by them for $100,000 for a supposed breach in contract, by shooting Apena (former suicide girl seen in the 1st and 6th picture) for her personal website.

They are claiming he owns this website, and that he breached the contract by shooting with her, even though his contract stated that he could shoot for single girl personality based sites.
However - this website is a paid membership site, and Apena is the only girl in each photo, so it is a single girl personality site.
He is also not the owner, or has ever been the owner of the website.

Suicide Girls has been involved in massive amounts of scandals and corruption.
From treating the models unfair and censoring them, to suing anyone or anything that gets in the way of their sick monopoly.

The PDF file of the court document and other links can be found here

Lithium Picnic LJ Community

Suicide Girls Vs. Lithium Picnic : An Interview with Apena

Boycott Suicide Girls Myspace Group- press, resale, controversy, interviews, discussion groups, etc

I Support Lithium Picnic

T-shirts, prints and other things are being sold/auctioned off
on the lj-community and http://www.apneaticmedia.com/
to help pay for his legal funds and support him in the battle against Suicide Girls.

If not, all I can do is urge you to stop using/supporting Suicide Girls if you do, and letting others know.

--- ATTENTION!!! ---

Lords and Ladies....
It's that time again....

The Green's Annual Visit To The....

Michigan Renaissance Festival!!

I felt a need to post this - since it's coming up soon.
And last year there was a very small group compared to normal
[Damn you slackers and ditchers!!! =P ]
So I figured if I posted it early-ish maybe we'd have more takers...

However, the exact date is unsure of at this moment.
It's between Saturday, September 22nd
Sunday, September 23rd
[I personally am pushing for Saturday.....]
That weekend is the Shamrock and Shenanigans weekend.
I will post the exact date as soon I get it.

But as of right now, you know how it works....
I would like to know
1.) Who is interested
2.) If your willing to drive

So Please Comment And Let Me Know

Everyone would meet up at My House at a time not decided yet (which I will also post later)
Drivers are always welcome
so if you could drive, please let me know. [However you may not end up having to drive depending on how many people go etc!]

Tickets are $17.95 at the gate - or you can purchase discount tickets at Kroger
You should bring Extra money for food, or if you plan on shopping (there are SO many shops there!)

We dress up, so you should too!!!
But it's not mandatory!
If you are having problems with a costume
let us know and I'm sure we can come up with something for you
[I've been going my whole life, and my parents even before that.
We've gotten bits of pieces of costumes here and there]
See pictures below for ideas and more info on costumes

If Anyone Has To Be Home By A Certain Time PLEASE let us know!
So we can make accommodation's and make sure you will be home when you need to me, without making a driver have to leave against their will.
In general we should be home around 8/8:30 [the fair closes at 7]
Depending on how tired everyone gets, the weather, and how crowded it is
Pizza and Movies are usually held after at my house for those interested
[...Not last year, because it was a Sunday and we were all tired and had to get back to school...
But if it's a Saturday, and people are interested]

PLEASEEEEEE comment and let me know
[there's an anonymous option on comments - you don't need to be a LJ member]
or contact me another way to let me know.

Pictures / Costume IdeasCollapse )
Let me know if you have anymore questions!
Also check out the Michigan Renaissance Official Website

Oh goodness

Sick of my pointless entries yet?

(basically, she had a pot stuck on her head)

if I could tell you HOW many times I get the urge to put something on my head...
Like the time I got stuck iny my collapsible laundry hamper... and my dad had to try to pull it off my head.....



So lost....

So I register tomorrow.
It's exciting, but at the same time...
It's so early in the morning, and I know I'm going to get lost again drivng there :)

But it's going to be really nice doing honors, because during the time of advising and registering, there re only 20 students in the honors computer lab.
So hopefully dumbass me can get the help I need >.<

I'm looking at all the classes and degress and crap, and I'm just blown away.
There are SOOO many Psychology classes!
(2500 Psychology of Racism - how cool is that?)
It's really overwhelming how much there is
Sexuality, Child Development <3, abnormal psychology, Parent child intereaction, even getting into the medical "Bio-behavioral Bases of Drug Action" and such.

And then you start looking at the graduate programs into Psycholy, and Psychatry... and I just become lost.

All I know is to declare it as your major you need ust complete PSY 1010 or PSY 1020, [my AP score allready tests me into 1020] Elements of Psychology, and have at least a 2.0 overall grade point average. [I need to keep a 3.5 to stay in honors, so that won't be a problem]

Of course actually graduating with that major takes a FUCK lot haha.
Plus my group requirments and general requirments
I'm starting to think they are trying to kill you....

But I'm a freshman... I think I can relax about graduation requirments and figure out wtf I have to sign up for this year o.O

There is something that honors students have to participate in Freshman year. It sounds pretty cool, but could turn out to be very un-enjoyable, but I can see myself really liking it.
HON 1000 (fall) - fufills basic social science. Basically It's held 2 days a week, one day for a lecture and the other for a seminar/small group projects. It's all centerd on the city, and it's problems/issues, history etc. Plus you get tickets to cultural and entertainment events (WOOT!)

Then Hon 2000 (winter) is basically small groups of students research projects to help problems (child literact, recycling and poverty)

Sounds interesting I think.

Then next year thers a bunch of diffrent services you can do (tutoring, habitiat for humanity etc.)

So far I'm thinking English 1020 MWF, either the 11:45 or 12:50 one
My honors will take up credits, I don't know if I need to take math, I'm assuming I can take my Psych 1020 class
And I really like a lot of the sociology classes
"Aids and Society" "Race and Racism: America" "Cults myths + Religion" "Serial Killers"
I wanted to take Digital Imaging (*kisses my rebel*) but its full :( maybe next semester.
I think I'm going to go with about 15 credit hours (it's so odd how some are 4 credits and some are 3)

I'm done.

That was my random ramblings for today.
If anyone actually reads this, ahha I'll be amazed.
it's mostly for my own refrence


- I sprained my ankel at work. It sucks
I mean... I sprained it doing an awesome backflip off a wall - and no - I will never do it again so don't ask to see it ;)

- Had to go in to work today and help because things were CRAZY yesterday night (4 hours behind...)

- Registration for classes on Friday! Ahhh!

- I got my AP score back on my Psych - 4 (out of 5)
And Wayne accepts it - so its my general life science reqiruement, 3 semester hours, and puts me into Psych 1020 so I can skip intro and save $$ - but I may take it anyway (easy A! not like I'm paying for it anyway =x)

- I love my new Chinchilla (Taz)

- Street teaming for the Zug Show next Tuesday!

- Put my two weeks in at work

- Debating on what color to dye my hair.... though I think I'm going to go with some sorth or black/pink/purple combo

- I'm still wishing it was the 4th of July!

That's about it.


So I just found out that a close childhood friend of mine passed away....
Over a month ago!
It's depressing, as well as aggravaiting that I haven't known for this long.

I knew she was stuggling recently, but I hadn't heard anything, so I figured she was pulling through and holding in there - like she always does.

I had been thinking of writing her a letter.
About how we use to stay at the front of her boat, and name the waves as they came at us.... seeing whose wave ended up being biger as we got launched in the air.
Or how we use to put lifejackets on during windy days and play in the huge waves, and scream at the lake.
Somehow thinking that maybe by making the lake "mad", it would produce bigger waves.
And then curling up in our beach towels on the sand, before heading to her house for lunch
(because granted knows, my grandma would never allow sand into our cottage.)

I should of written that.
I wish I had.
But there's a lot of would I of, Could I of things. *sigh*

She hhad a 5 year battle with Ewing's Sarcoma - a type of cancer.
She beat it 2 times, and the 3rd time coming back got her.
She was at St. Judes most of her highschool life - so we hadn't been close. :-/

She was a ridiculious fighter, and will always be missed.
(You give me the strength to face the world, and live everyday to my fullest - just like you did.)

Rest in Peace Lauren Ashley Hart <3
Always in my heart.