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So my last post got me thinking.
(Which is always dangerous)
And I realized that I had basically no photos of myself riding.
Which is rather strange to me, consider what a huge part of my life it was.
Which got me digging through old photos albums and scanning in some pictures.
I thought they'd be fun to share.

I realize since I'm older now, and since I am so busy with school and work and other such things
That most people who know me now, do not really realize what a large part of my life it really has been.
Specially the people that I've met in college.



2 years old at a pony ride. Awww
My dad is so skinny! haha

I did not start actually riding until I was 6
At some farm in Plymouth.

This is Tony! =P
He was a good lil Shetland Pony.
And by good, I mean a total little stubborn jackass.

But I loved him to death
And wasn't he CUTEEE when he was all cleaned up =P
Seriously, he prob. would be to stomach height on me now.

This is how lessons went for me for quite a few years.
Being the youngest and smallest.

I suppose after sometime I stopped riding there
And switched to the Hunt Club.
And a new slightly larger, but still stubborn, pony
(It's a pony thing...)

Aww, good old Buckwheat!
(Oh yes, I'm remember almost every horse I've ever ridden name!)

I guess I got older somewhere in between
Started competing.

awww look at chubby awkward little Dayna =P

This was Reggie.
And old, retired Thoroughbred race horse.
He was too old, and legs were screwed up from racing to jump.
But he had the MOST amazing canter in the world.
He was also a tall mother fucker, something like 17 hands.
So he just had this long, soothing totally rocking smooth canter.
Honestly, it could put a baby to sleep! <3

Too bad when I rode him in one show that the Hunt Club has -
A very fancy, super big show in the summer where barns from around the state come to compete.
He flipped the hell out (which he was doing in above picture)
And thought he was back at the race track again and started galloping past everyone, poor old fellow lost his screws haha
Not fun.

That sucker right there was when I won 'Reserved Junior Jumping Champion'
Ooooo - snazzy eh?
Still hangs in my room, with my .....
19? other ribbons.
It's by far the most honored one, but a few years after I got this that I decided to stop competing for good.

This is a good one!
This gorgeous horse is Flair.
Oh yes, for anyone every wondering where the hell my screen name come from - it's from this.
She was this absolute gorgeous 2 year old Appaloosa with bright blue eyes and a crazy mane.
I fell in love instantly.
But she was too green (young/skittish) to ride and had to be trained MAJORLY.
So they ended up selling her.
I bet she turned out to be a wonderful horse.

Hooker! (great name for a horse, eh?)
Another old dude.
They asked me to ride him because he had bad feet and needed a gentle rider so he could get exercise.
This was on the Sunday ride they use to hold, where you'd come dressed in your best
and have a leasiurley trail ride around
old streets in grosse pointe.

I may miss riding like hell, but I do not miss high boots.
Those are sons of bitches to get on, and worse to get off.

Some random camp pictures.
There's this nice transition period right between the trot (sort of like a jog for humans) and a canter (a run)
Where it's bumpy and crazy as hell.
This is when THIS wonderful picture was taken, hence my horrible arm positioning haha ho hum
Check out that calf muscle though, eh? eh?

No honestly though. 
This is why my legs (thighs) are fat as hell. It's just sort of the way my body is from riding for so many years haha
And no, camp wasn't just bare back - we had different "groups" each year that we could be in depending on age and what we'd done before.  I think the first photo was just bare back, and the second was bare back jumping (I know, right?)

One more from camp.
The only picture apparently EVER of me jumping.
And it's not even English (what the rest of the pictures are, I rode Western at camp)
I'm bummed I have no pictures of me jumping English. Ho hum.
*PS* - Trail Rides are western style!  So that saddle right thurrr is going to be exactly what it looks like =  )
It's very cowboy-esque

Now enter Scottie.

He was a horse that we half boarded.
Where basically you half own a horse with someone.
In our case an older woman owned him, and asked us to half board with her.
I believe she payed most - if not all - his boarding fees and feed and bills.
And in return I rode him and kept him healthy and spent time and gave him affection.
I suppose you can look at it was one of those "everyone wins" situations.
We didn't have to pay much and got a horse out of the deal, and she didn't have to worry about him because he had care takers.

He was a sweet horse.
But since he was owned by an older woman, he had not been ridden often, and had quite some issues.
Basically, he thought he was a cow.
He grew up in a pasture somewhere down south with all cows.
So I don't think he ever finally understood he was a horse and what they did lol

I had gotten both my parents into riding before.
So it was nice to have a horse for them to take regular lessons on.
Except for the fact that he bucked my mom off.....
So in the end it ended up just being me that rode him.
Mostly because I didn't take his bullshit.
See those nice shiney things on my boots?
Oh yeah.  Those are spurs.
No they aren't just from cowboy movies.
No they didn't hurt him.
And the first day my instructor made me ware them, I've never been on such a misbehaved, bucking horse in my life.
However, he learned what they and I ment and we had a decent run! =P
I never did fall off that little bugger.

Scottie passed away in the barn fire when the idiot threw a firecracker into the barn and it burned to the ground.
So if people ever wonder why I'm so bitter about that incident and think that stupid asshole should of served jail time
It's because I knew many of the horses that passed in that fire, including what I consider my own.
He might off been a shit head to ride, but he was a sweet horse
<3 RIP Scottie <3

Okay I'm SURE no one actually went through this all.
But I had fun! =P



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Jul. 31st, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
I read through it all, Dayna. :P
Flair is gorgeous!
Aug. 1st, 2009 05:25 am (UTC)
Something about those spots and crazy hair in her face is just too cute =P <3
Jul. 31st, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
I read it! I learned. I know nothing about horses. lol.
Aug. 1st, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
<3 haha
It's okay. I think if your not from down south, where like 90% of people know horses, most people don't. Up here it's not a big thing.
I'm just a weirdo =D haha
Jul. 31st, 2009 06:01 pm (UTC)
I had a great time going through all of that :D It was so much fun ^ ^ I rode for only two years (after that my grandma refused to pay for more lessons) but I absolutely loved it! I wish I could have persued for much longer though - and even up until now! I miss it so much D; So I'm totally jealous you were so lucky to do so much riding :3 It's been so long since I rode (about 6 years) that I fear I wouldnt know how to do it anymore!
Aug. 1st, 2009 05:28 am (UTC)
For some reason I had no idea you rode Steph!
It is deff. expensive (as is any sport I suppose), and I am very very lucky that I was able to do it for so long.
But my brother always had expensive activities like music, and since dance didn't pan out for me I suppose my parents were happy that I had one passion/hobby lol
I totally miss it too, incredibly much so.
But I'm with you, it's been so long I don't think I'd have a clue what to do lol
Hopefully we can do a trail ride before you leave!!
And if not, and you end up coming here for school by chance, we'll have to take a lesson together for fun haha! <333
Aug. 1st, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
makes me want to actually go on like a trail ride situation
Aug. 1st, 2009 05:29 am (UTC)
then DO it! I'm planning one =D <3
It's funnnnnnnn
Aug. 2nd, 2009 07:33 am (UTC)
I read it. I was sad when you stopped riding... glad your getting interested in it again!
Jan. 3rd, 2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
Wow i never seen all those pictures. You are a sexy cow girl. Rememeber Mya does trialriding maybe when it gets warming you would want to go? i was always so jealous of jeremey he got to see you ride and i never got that chance since i worked then you stopped it would been have awesome to see. I am sorry for commenting now on all your jounral enrtys. i just feel like if i read these more when we dating things might have been little differnt as i would really went back to that farm by gibraleter and took you trail riding. i am sometimes slefish i just wish i new what i know now. well maybe if we could be good friends you would take me trail riding i think it would be fun and your parents always siad it would be. i just never had the funds but i know what i have lost i would sell my coins to take you out for a weekend down south and go ride in to the sunlight if that is what you would want. i would even try to fit the cowboy part, chapps, dont think i could find cowboy boots big enough most def a cowboy hat. well i would like to try new things horseback ridin will be one. i still want to get scuba diving certifed but i dont know if i could go threw your people anymore. Why didnt you wake me up from fantasy lol i need to get my life in to gear. i hope you give me the time by reading this
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